Own Your Future

Voting in this election is going to massively affect our lives for the next 5 years and beyond. Every vote will directly affect what happens to our NHS - a service that looks after us from cradle to the grave, our schools and universities, our economy and the relationship we have with the rest of the world.

In the last election less then 50% of the under 25’s voted. Compare that to nearly 80% of those aged 55 and over. The younger you are, the longer you’ll have to live with the consequences of decisions made by other people who may not care about the same things you do. 

If you want your opinions heard, and the issues that matter to you most respected and safeguarded, then you have to use your power, use your vote. By not voting you are giving permission to other people to decide your fate for you.

Get informed, get registered and get voting.


There is..

The How?

Registering to vote takes a few minutes

1) Follow this LINK to register to vote

2) All you need is you address and National Insurance Number. If you don't have your NI number get it here. If you don't have a fixed abode you need to do this.

3) You will receive an email back confirming you have registered. After you’ve registered, your name and address will appear on the electoral register and you will be able to vote in person, by post or get someone else to vote on your behalf.

Who We Are

This website was created by a collective consisting of some of the UK’s most popular festivals including Boomtown Fair, Loves Saves The Day and Shambala, event bar and pub- venue owners, artists and young voters. Together we have launched a series of campaigns and initiatives to raise awareness on the upcoming election and how to register to vote. 

These include; ‘Vote this year, get free beer’, ‘Mayday Mayday’ website and a national awareness campaign among festival organisers. The aim of all three initiatives is that through active promotion of the power that is in the hands of the voter, more young and unengaged people will feel energised to vote, get their voices heard and make their opinion count on 8th June.

We completely understand that there is a lot of information presented during elections, some of which is not accurate and we will only post and publish content that is from reliable and reputable sources.